Business telephone features and functions

Although this is a fairly common feature in phone systems these days, it is still a valuable tool in increasing efficiency. To learn more about what communications features are in demand from North American businesses, click here to check out our Business Communications and Collaboration Survey paper. Designed from the beginning to provide organizations with a unified option for cloud services, Evolve IP enables decision-makers to migrate all or select IT technologies to its award-winning cloud platform.

Today, tens of thousands of customers across the globe depend daily on Evolve IP for cloud services like virtual servers, virtual desktops, disaster recovery, unified communications, contact centers, and more. Call Center. Cloud Computing.

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Credit Union. Office Social Responsibility. Unified Communications. The Compliance Cloud TM includes true client isolation, encryption in transit and at rest, private VLANs, firewalls and dozens of other security measures. With the rate of change and costs involved, it is difficult for any size credit union to keep pace. So when we were looking for a cloud technology partner, we emphasized the need to provide to our members with technology solutions that help them compete with larger banks and financial institutions, at a cost they can afford.

Evolve IP offers all that, plus broad financial services industry experience and a pedigree of providing first-rate service to support growth and continually enhance the entire member experience. Watch Testimonial. Our analyst-acclaimed solutions are built on a world-class, compliant architecture that leverages the blue-chip technologies organizations already know and trust. We deploy best-of-breed solutions including: Our services are analyst-acclaimed, vendor-validated, client recommended and award-winning.

The Privacy regulations of the U. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act HIPAA require health care providers, organizations, and their business associates, develop and follow procedures that ensure the confidentiality and security of protected health information PHI when it is transferred, received, handled, or shared. This applies to all forms of PHI — paper, oral, and electronic, etc.

Those who fail to adhere to HIPAA can suffer from huge fines climbing into the millions of dollars for major violations. Evolve IP has received an SSAE 16 SOC 2 Type II report on our internal controls relating to how we assess and address the potential risks associated with the security, availability, and confidentiality of not only the cloud-based services that we provide, but also our physical and logical infrastructure. Feb In addition to making and receiving calls, other important small business phone functions include:.

Voicemail is a core telephony function. It allows callers to leave messages while you're away from the phone or on another call. You can store, redirect and access voicemails remotely. You should use voicemail as a temporary measure only; leaving it on for long periods or not responding to messages can damage your customer relations. If you plan to be away from your phone for a while, think about using call redirection. Call redirection automatically reroutes calls received on one phone to another. For example, you could redirect calls received at the office to employees who work from home, or to salespeople visiting clients, ensuring that calls from potential customers are answered.

Conference calling allows you to work collaboratively when businesses or colleagues are on different sites. Administrators can view and even export inbound and outbound reports that include call details. They can view these reports by originator, rate centers, destination, duration and even cost. You can let your customers call you for free. This makes you easy to reach. You can also brand your phone number with vanity toll free numbers.

You can ask your supplier if they can make sure that your directory assistance listing is accurate. Your main listing is already included in your service but if you need a supplemental directory assistance listing, you may be charged extra. You can also block it entirely. You can ask your supplier to restrict your outbound caller ID data from being announced.

This is by location. Your supplier sends location information to your local emergency unit when an emergency calls is made from any of your network phones. An additional digit is allowed to make outbound calls according to the requirements from the customer to send certain digits.

Administrators can require a code to be able to make certain kinds of calls. This is useful to prevent unauthorized international or expensive calls. If your company is a potential victim of fraud, find a supplier that will routinely monitor unusual international activities. Users are allowed to time-share their phones. You can ask your supplier to configure the phone line to be accessed by Pick Up, Barge, etc. There are a wide variety of different features available for a hotel system — these can be found here. If you have a cloud-based phone system, you can even add more services to it so you can create a customized solution to meet your needs.

Here are some of them.

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Take business calls on your mobile device using your business phone number. You can enjoy your phone system features and stay connected even when you are not in the office.

Auto Dialer Software

You can record inbound or outbound calls to enhance training, identify best practices and ensure compliance. You can record calls with the touch of a button and play them back. You can also search them from a web-based interface. This allows users to host a virtual meeting anytime, anywhere. Your supplier can transcribe your voicemail messages into text and then send them along with the WAV file to your email.

You no longer have to listen to voicemail to see who called. You can see them all in your inbox. Many organizations still have fax as an integral part of their communications. If you are one of them, you can receive incoming fax in your inbox and send outbound faxes as email attachments.

7 Essential Features of a Great Business Phone System

Remember to choose features and functionalities carefully. You may want a feature right now but do you really need it in the future? Start with a few features that you really need and grow from there. These can be expensive and not advisable for small and upcoming businesses. Make sure that your company can fully utilize each feature.

Telephone System Features for Small to Medium sized Businesses

Yazz is a trained telecommunications engineer with a diploma in telecommunications. He has spent the last 15 years working for Telefonica, one of the largest telephone operators and mobile network providers in the world. No Obligation To Buy! Local Phone Engineers. Get quotes today. There has been a constant and steady uptake of VoIP technologies across a multitude of business sectors. Its innovative features and cost-cutting communication capabilities have There are has been a rapid growth in technological advancements in the hospitality industry which includes hotels.

Hotel PBX systems have been a critical component Simply fill out the form to the left with your requirements and we will match it to the three most suited suppliers for your needs.

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We take the stress out of finding the right solution. Telephone System Features Advanced phone system features allow a greater efficiency with office communications. Here we explain some of the most popular features, broken down into general categories.

Auto Attendant This is one the most common features in phone systems. Automated Directory This is a feature that goes hand in hand with the Auto Attendant. Dial by Extension This is another auto-attendant function that enables callers to reach the person they are calling by dialling their extension. Dial by Name This is a directory that enables callers to reach someone by dialling the first three letters of their name or last name. Personal Automated Attendant If a call is unanswered, it is delivered to a voice prompt that will allow the caller to choose from several options like choosing another extension or external number or deposit voicemail.

6 Phone System Features Every Business Needs

Music on Hold Users can choose a song or upload a customized one such as a company jingle or promotion and play that for callers on hold. Legacy Extension Support Callers can use legacy extensions to reach the person they are calling from the automated attendant. Calling Features Blocking You can block calls to specific area codes. Monitoring Barge Allows a user to listen in on another active call. Classes of Service You can restrict outbound calls entirely or by area codes on a per-user basis. Intercom One-to-One Two callers can speak hands-free via speakerphone.

Intercom Groups A user can communicate hands-free with multiple users with the use of their speakerphones. Paging Groups Users can page groups of phones throughout the office regardless of physical location.

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Remote Phone Use Remote and travelling users can use the office phone from any location with the use of a broadband connection. Speed Dial You can program up to 16 internal or external numbers. Redial Call the last number dialled without re-entering the numbers. Just press a button. Transfer Announced A user can send a call to another extension after conferring with the recipient. Transfer Unannounced A user transfers the current call on his phone to another phone number without first consulting the recipient. Message Waiting Indicator Users are given visual notifications of voicemails through red lights and on-screen alerts.