Apple iphone 5 charger fault

That may sound like an over-engineered feature, but it prevents your iPhone being overcharged and the resulting damage to the battery that this would cause. Fortunately doing one yourself at home is super simple.

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All you need to do is hold down the power button until you see the Apple logo display on your screen; everything else should be black. After a couple of minutes, your iPhone will boot back up and ask you to enter your passcode to resume normal operation. It gives your iPhone a little break; this enables it to process any loose ends from updates and hanging operations.

We mentioned a little bit earlier about why apparently cosmetic damage to your lightning cable can result in all manner of charging difficulties.

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On the face of it, the only solution here is to buy a new lightning cable and hope for the best. But when you investigate your options a little further, there are many more avenues open to you than may first appear. The first thing to say is that you need to swap lightning cables and see if the charging issues go away.

If they do, then you know where the fault lies. Rather than paying out for a new cable from Apple why not borrow one from a friend or family member for a quick test?

Troubleshoot charging issues on your Apple iPhone 5s

Straight away this will save you the price of a cable and the time it takes for it to arrive. Next, you want to figure out why it has failed. If it is obvious from the cosmetic appearance of the cable that it has been roughly handled, then you will have little option but to consider buying a replacement cable.

No, it actually covers everything in the box! They tend to be cheaper for a very good reason, and you may well end up buying another replacement before you know it. If in doubt, stick with official products. We mentioned earlier that you can check your wall socket by seeing if it will charge a separate device which uses a different charger. The next question then is how do you tell if the charger itself is the issue. If you find that it will work sporadically when you move the USB connector around, then it is likely that the USB socket is damaged and you will need to purchase a new charger.

There is also the potential for the USB connector on the cable itself to be the cause of the charging issues. A simple way to rule this in or out is to connect it directly to the USB socket on your PC or laptop. Basically what happens is, remember the 9 connectors that I told you about earlier where you can find inside your charging port? If any liquid touches these connections, you basically just roasted your connections faster than Ross and Rachel from breaking up.

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Make sure that you backup your iPhone into iTunes before going any further. Yes, that does mean all your data on your iPhone will get erased so it may be wise to backup your iPhone before jumping ship to factory reset it. Now again you might hesitate to what I say, saying. So you might as well save your precious time and the cost with a trip to the store by doing it yourself. Go ahead and plug in your iPhone into your computer and open your iTunes. Step 2: Step 3: Step 4: Now let go of the Home button. If it is not, try again from the beginning.

Step 5: From here, you can restore your iPhone using iTunes. You saved my life! Gosh, I owe you big time, Jake. When I start looking out for what all things to when my iPhone was not charging the first page opened by me were this. And believe me, this remain the last as well, it not only help me to reach a exact solution but also help me to resolve the problem within two to three minutes. Thanks a lot for the detailed information on how to fix my I phone charging issues. I just have to hard reset my phone.

Unauthorized Third-Party Chargers May Damage iPhone 5 Charging Circuitry

I have no computer or tablet jus my iPhone adapter plug? I unlock the phone and find that it bongs every time now. Give it a try. It just started this behavior in the last month or so…so it could be one of the recent updates. Tap Software Update.

If an update is available, follow the prompts to install. Perform a soft reset. A soft reset restarts your phone and does not erase any of your content or data. From the home screen, press and hold the Power key and the Home key. Release the Power key and the Home key when the Apple logo appears. Your Apple iPhone restarts.

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